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Bathmate Capsule Case


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To get the very best results from your Bathmate penis pump, we recommend regular usage. If you’re travelling, however, it can be difficult to bring your Bathmate along with you. We’ve designed the Bathmate Capsule Case as a simple, durable way to store and transport the world’s best penis pump wherever you go, keeping up your Bathmate routine to maximise your results.

Designed to perfectly store any of our hydropumps, whether they’re from our original Hydro range, our advanced Bathmate Hydromax range, or the HydroXtreme selection, the world’s most powerful penis pump.

The Bathmate Capsule Case is entirely waterproof, uses a hard design for durability, and is built for completely discreet appearance, with no exterior branding. With our holed zipper design, you can also easily attach a lock to your case, adding an extra level of security.

Inside the case, you’ll find space for all of our advanced penis pumps, along with a netted pocket letting you store any Bathmate Accessories you want to take with you.