Anal lubricant with pheromones attraction for her 50ml

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Pheromone formula for extreme enjoyment - MAI Attraction Anal Lubricant For Her contains pheromones that increase attraction and arousal for sensational sex and orgasms.

Natural substances are used. - The natural components in MAI Attraction Anal Lubricant For Her include ceratonia siliqua fruit extract and jasminium officinale flower extract.

Ensure optimum enjoyment and comfort while playing: This product delivers a nice glide with excellent ingredients because it is made with pure plant-based glycerin. The silky smooth, buttery texture also provides a long-lasting glide that is devoid of sticky or crusty residue.

MAI Attraction Anal Lubricant is toy friendly, undetectable, and odorless, and contains extra powerful sexual attractant pheromones.