AGNES - black set

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- I am refined and ferocious, I am your nightmare and fulfillment of your dark desires… You have claws, Kitten, but you won’t enjoy them for a long time…
- Yes, I enjoy this silence. I cannot hear your moans and I am happy about it. Later you will talk to me and even moan, and that’s still fine by me, but for now listen carefully:
Our safe word is AGNES.
- Agnes…..
- You can use it, when you can no longer stand the “delightful” surprises I have in store for you. However, I’m counting on not hearing that name tonight… at all
…so…forget it.

The Agnes entices with its obvious sex appeal and decisively highlights ferocious fancies. Thanks to the elastic material properties, fastenings on the back and neck and lacings on the hip line, it is possible to perfectly fit it to the body, underlining its best features. On the front, a deep triangular cut covered with a black, transparent mesh, fetchingly shows the cleavage and directs the eyes downward, where one can admire the shape of your hips. The back allures with uncovered parts of the back and round shape of the buttocks, which are specially and deliberately underlined by the shape of the body and black mesh elements. The red lacing on the back serves as the proverbial “cherry on top”. The teddy features 4 adjustable stocking straps, which will allow you to fasten your stockings comfortably.


Flexible and resilient materials with elastane - a perfect fit to the body
4 stocking fastening straps with length adjustment – an effective look and comfort
All hoops, adjustments and stocking fastenings made of metal - durability
Stocking fastenings with a black, satin ribbon – an effective look
Nice touch materials - comfort
Close-fitting contoured body shape - good look and comfort
High-quality materials - comfort and durability
The possibility of any arrangement lacing - comfort and creativity
Reinforcing stitching in critical areas - durable

Colour: Black
Available sizes: S/M, L/XL
The composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane