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Trinity comes from a cloud planet, a blue green gas giant of air, so she loves feeling your breath get heavy and soft again. Her long thin nature makes her perfect for inserting into all sorts of sneaky places. When Trinity is exploring your deepest fantasies, Tripp and Trine are there to stimulate some of your other extra sensitive spots. Trinity's flared base can be used to secure her in a strap-on holster, particularly exciting for lesbians and transmasc humans. The flared base also means she, he and xe are butt play safe. Trinity is a playful and purposeful friend.

Store Placement / Categorization Suggestion: Internal Vibrators section AND Dildo section
Gender Demographic: Explicitly designed for all genders: women, men, non-binary, transgendered, between and beyond!
Suggested Usage: (See each toys comic for more details) All of our toys are designed to be used in multiple ways. We encourage people to safely explore to find their favorite uses.

Common Use 1: Vaginal / front hole toy with g-spot stimulator
Common Use 2: Butt toy with prostate stimulator
Common Use 3: Use in a strap on
Common Use 4: Grind on protruding features for external / clitoral stimulation

Unique aspect 1: Added textures / protrusions for both g-spot and prostate stimulation
Unique aspect 2: Vibrations are centered strongest at these g-spot / prostate stimulations points and around hole opening when inserted
Unique aspect 3:

Toy Length, total: 177mm
Toy Length, insertable: 155mm
Toy Max Width, base: 63.5mm
Toy Max Width, insertable: 36mm
Toy Min Width, insertable: 25mm

Toy Material: 100% High Quality Silicone
Firmness: Semi-Soft
Surface texture: Silky, very nice to touch
Water Resistance Level: Waterproof

Vibrator power, overall (1=lightest vibrations, 5=powerful lol pluglol plug into wall hitachi): 4, very powerful. (Stefanos from called these toys the strongest vibrators he ever felt in this small, no wall plug form factor)
Loudness (1=silent, 5=wake up the neighbors): 2, very quiet
Vibration feel: Rumbly
Number of speeds: 5
Number of patterns: 5
Total number of modes: 10
Power Type: USB rechargeable battery
Recharge time: 70 minutes
Use time: 110 minutes