Metal Cuffs Black

OPR-3099 | 4892503141719
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Stylish lighter metal handcuffs for BDSM plays or just bedroom fantasies. 

These chain handcuffs are made from Iron. It is medically sound and does not cause skin allergies (as compared to handcuffs with nickel or chrome surface cover)

The edges of these handcuffs are polished and softened, so they do not cause any harm to wrists. 

They are supplied with 2 keys but can be opened without one. To open the cuffs without a key, use the safety latch.


  • Before putting them on, pick your position. It may be uncomfortable and turn you off when you have to unlock them or struggle with achieving a better pose.
  • Be clear what is comfortable and let your partner know. Come up with a safe word.
  • Combine with a blindfold, to heighten senses


Product desctiption:

Weight: 210 g

Body: Safe Yes

Material: Iron

Can be opened without a key: Yes

Keys: 2 keys