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Tenga Novelty Easy Beat Ona-cap - proving that great things really do come in small packages!

Just like the waves of the mother ocean lap onto the shores, multiple layers of wavy ribs deliver a continuous ecstasy-inducing sensation. The large, soft edges of these ribs travel all over your shaft, creating an unimaginable stimulus making you tremble with delight.

This portable pleasure device comes in a package that is about the same size as a regular chicken egg. In the shell hides a super stretchy, full of sensations mini masturbator for men. 

For Men and women 

The Tenga egg is commonly used by women to give extra stimulations to their partners. It is a perfect surprise for any couple. The egg is of course used by men themselves as well, to receive that new type of stimulations. Every egg has a different 

How to use: 

    1. Remove the plastic wrapper from where it says “open”
    2. Pop the egg open by pressing on the opposite sides of the egg
    3. Remove the plastic container with the water based lubricant inside
    4. Tear the lubricant from the dotted line on the corner of the pouch and pour it in the egg.
    5. Use the egg in a stroking matter. 

Only use water-based lubricants with Tenga egg. Once you are done with your Tenga Egg, clean it with warm water and soap. A well cared for Tenga egg last for 5-7 times use.

Lubricant ingredients: water, glycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium polyacrylate, methylparaben. The included lubricant is not intended for intercourse, only to be used with the male pleasure item. 

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from children. Do not use the Tenga Egg if your skin is damaged or irritated. To protect from possible irritation, test the lubricant on lower arm first. If irritation occurs, wash with water immediately and consult a doctor. Do not share with other people. 
Manufactured by Tenga co. Ltd in Tokyo, Japan.