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More than sexuality, more than innocence is the need to know. Why not forget it all tonight? Why not play at learning it all over? Where, how and why?

Naughty Games Box includes:
- One intimate hide-and-seek kit.
- One titillating massage oil (30 ml).
- One excitement gel for women (10 g).
- Two YESforLOV condoms.
- One caressing feather.

Intimate hide-and-seek kit 
The YESforLOV intimate hide-and-seek kit comes with a fluorescent ink marker and a black light flashlight. The words are invisible: those you are longing to cry out. You must whisper them in the secret parts of the skin and let your love explore you.

Titillating massage oil
The light, non-oily texture does not stain clothing or sheets. To enhance relaxation, it is enriched with passion fruit, damiana, rosemary and sweet almond oils, spiced up with a dash of ginger extract for a delicious shiver.

Excitement gel for women
This gel acts right at the source of female excitement. Before, during and after. Theres nothing like a drop on the clitoris to whet desire in a peppermint shiver. Massage delicately to build up passion. And discover the unexplored regions of pleasure.

The condom
Slipped into its precious pouch, the YESforLOV condom is presented like a jewel, because it deserves it. It pairs the most demanding safety and protection standards with an ultra-fine design that keeps your most intimate sensations intact.

Caressing feather
Make him endure the most exquisite forms of torture.