Brand: Egzo

3 Flavored Oral Condoms - Egzo

EGZO-O-BB | 5012337112146

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Egzo condoms are manufactured from high quality latex. Each condom has been electronically tested and hygienically sealed. Egzo condoms are intended for vaginal intercourse, protecting against pregnancy and STIs. Proper use is needed to ensure reliable protection.

Egzo Flavored Oral Condoms have a pleasant taste which do not leave a chemical aftertaste. The flavors are inspired from lollipop flavors.

No method of contraception can provide 100% protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Nominal length: 180 ± 10 mm

Nominal width: 52 ± 2 mm

Lubricant: Oil based

Material: Natural latex

Flavor: Select above (Peach, Blackberry, Chocolate, Strawberry, Ice Cream)

Condom expiry date May 2023 

Manufactured by RDE Group LLP in China