Say Hello to BEANZE and COMZE

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BeanZe WHSL: €35,00
RRP: 69.00€
ComZe WHSL: €35,00
RRP: 69.00€

Designing toys that are non-binary and non-gender specific is important, and Wetforher has nailed it perfectly! Both toy's base is unique because it has a soft shape that is raised in the center, so that it rubs against the wearer's clitoris more closely, providing the user greater pleasure while also satisfying their partner. Beanze has 3 beanlike bumps, while Comze has one raised contour, allowing customers to choose which one they like more. This means that you don't need to add vibrators to receive that extra pleasure, making it a good choice for many who may dislike using them.

Both toys are available in beautiful purple, red and black tones. The material, which is 100% medical grade silicone is body safe, soft and sleek. If you love strap-on dildos, then this one is truly a necessity ❤️‍🔥 To make the decision easier, both Dildos are currently -10% off, and that price will stay until the end of May!