Sperm stopper 28-32mm

OPR-6828 | 8718969401647
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The Sperm Stopper with a Frenum Ball. The ball is specially designed to provide additional stimulation. This plug allows you to stay harder and enhance your pleasure. The Sperm Stopper with Frenum Ball is made of high-quality surgical steel and it has a ring with two balls: one on each end of the barbell portion. They are specially designed to provide additional stimulation. The ring will bring you even more pleasure and satisfaction. It is strong, sturdy and made to satisfy you to the fullest.

The sperm stopper can also be used to stop excessive sperm leakage.

Kiotos Steel products are made of 100% Stainless Steel, this ensures the highest quality of Steel products available today. Cleaning your toys is easy with Kiotos Toycleaner.

Gross Weight gr. 40
Net Weight gr 20
Ring inner diameter: 28, 30 or 32 mm.
Ball diameter: 8mm.