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Best Week Ever Kit

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What is "Best Week Ever"?

"Best Week Ever" is a toy set for couples consisting of seven erotic surprise items which one step at a time throughout the whole week will give you pleasure that you will never forget. During the week you will experience the power of perfect lubrication, the magic of vibrating orgasms, the world of light domination, you will learn some tricks to stimulate the sense of touch, have a great deal of kinky experience and most of all you will be given many ideas for wonderful and unique bedroom fun!

How to play?

Each day for the whole week you open only one of the seven boxes. Each box hides a high quality sex toy. Your task is to use it for shared pleasure still on the same day! In addition, each product comes with a range of ideas on how to use is to play together. Some of them may be kinky, others are more sensual - everyone will find something to their liking.

"Best Week Ever" will open a world of new areas of pleasure allowing you to learn more about your own and your partner's fantasies, dreams and cravings. You're sure to have a full of experiences and an unforgettable best week of your lives!

Geisha Balls

1. After a bit of foreplay slip the Geisha balls inside her and.. both of you go for a short walk with her wearing them. During the walk discuss her sensations. After you get back, pick up where you left off. 2. For her. Lay on your back and after a little foreplay let your partner start to pleasure you orally. When you are wet enough ask your partner to insert the beads (you may wish to use a lubricant). Let him continue to stimulate you orally but make sure he stops just before you climax and repeat this several times. Move your hips simultaneously - you need to feel which movements give you the most pleasure. During the oral play, your partner may shift the beads gently with the retraction leash. 3. After a short foreplay insert the beads inside her (she may wish to use a lubricant) and continue the foreplay changing positions often and grinding your intimate parts against each other as much as possible, but with no penetration. The question is how long can you keep the game on before you dare to take the next step.

Vibrating C-ring

1. For her. Start the foreplay innocently and build passion in your partner. When his penis erects, put on the ring on his manhood (with the vibrating part facing down, let it touch the frenulum) and activate it. Don't stop the foreplay. Kiss his torso and around his intimate areas. Every now and then rub on his penis with various parts of your body. 2. For him. Turn on the C-ring and hold it in hand (or put it on your finger). Pay lip service to your partner and using the ring from time to time moving it slowly along her clitoris, up and down. 3. During penetration put the ring on the penis (as close to its base as possible) and activate it. Depending on the sex position, place its vibrating part so that it stimulates the clitoris. Every now and then enter her as deep as possible and hold for several seconds to make her sensations even more intense.


1. For him. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the tips of your fingers. Let your partner lay on her back and give her a sensual massage between her breasts. Then, let her kneel on the bed cupping her breats. Place your penis between them and rhytmically slide up and down quicker and quicker. How you finish is up to you.

2. After a bit of foreplay sit across each other and apply the lubricant to each other's hot spots, caressing each other with both hands, then give each other some pleasure in the 69 position. See for yourselves how tasy this adventure can be.

3. During the foreplay apply the lubricant together to her thighs, bottom and stomach. Let him enter her from behind. During your love making session don't let his hands wander away from her lubricated parts for a second - let his hands glide along her lubricated body. Enjoy the slick sex.


1. For her. Let your partner lay on his stomach. Massage his back, bottom and crotch with the vibrator gently and with passion. You can also add some tongue caresses. Then rub the vibrator againt your partner's penis. Let him tell you where the sensation is the most intense. After a while switch roles.

2. For him. Let your partner lay on her back. After a little foreplay insert the gently vibrating toy into her vagina (she may wish to use a lubricant) and move it back and forth, bot do it slowly. At the same time, kiss her back, bottom and thighs.

3. She lays on the bed and caresses her sweet spots with the vibrator gently. He caresses and kisses her neck, breasts and stomach, wandering through her thighs to join the exploration of her intimate parts. How you finish is up to you.


1. For her. Tie your partner to a chair. To add more to his experiences, you can blindfold him. Kiss him all over his body and tell him to kiss those parts of you that you move close to his lips. Then straddle his penis and... how you finish is up to you.

2. For him. Tie her hands behind her back, then tell her to kneel and satify you orally. Hold her head to control her movements. Switch roles after several minutes. How you finish is up to you.

3. Tie her/his hands. Order her/him to lay on her/his back and tie the hands to something to position them above the head. Holding an ice cube in your lips stroke her/his thighs, stomach, nipples and neck with it. Go down through the navel to reach her/his intimate parts to cool them down a little too. When the ice cube melts.. how you finish is up to you.


1. For her. Wear the lingerie from the box and an airy dress or skirt. Seduce your partner and when he is dying from desire order him to lay back. Without taking your clothes off stand above his face and kneel to allow him to give you pleasure with his tongue while still lying on his back. Let your skirt/dress cover his face. How you finish is up to you.

2. For him. While she wears the lingerie let her rest her stomach and breasts against the table top (bent). To make things more kinky you may restrain her hands behind her back. Then caress the small of her back, bottom and thighs with your tongue. When you reach her sweet sport (while her lingerie still on), bring her to climax with your fingers, tongue and penis.

3. For her. Pot on the lingerie and your costume that makes you feel sexy over it. Let your partner sit on a chair. Stand in front of him and seduce him with your body moves. From time to time let him peek at your lingerie. Every now and then straddle him and rub your intimate parts against his thighs. When you feel it's the right time, ask him to take off his pants and sit on him. It it's not necessary, don't fully take off your clothes.


1. For him. Let your partner lay on her back while you puton the blindfold. From now on use only your tongue. Let your partner guide your tongue by giving you simple directions (go left, go right, go up, go down, more intense, slowly, etc) without using her hands. You just obey the orders.. How all this will end is up to you.

2. Let your partner lay on her/his back. Blindfold her/his and use only your hand and tongue to caress her/him all over. How you finish is up to you.

3. Prepare something delicious to munch on, tell her/him to sit at the table and blindfold her/him. Feed and strip her/him slowly after each bite. Alternate to feed and kiss, caress her/him and... don't let her/him take off the blindfold until the very end. You can also tie her/his hands.